Get ready to know the Secrets of God!

About Me


My Experiences

I came to know the Lord when I was little having lost both parents at an early age. I pretty much had to make life decisions based on leadings and nudgings from the Holy Spirit. High school and college education were a big outlet for me to express my giftings. However, my most rewarding experiences came as an adult and whenever I step out to run errands for my King. Errands that range from intercession - artillery and SWAT team grade to witnessing unto His power to save lost souls.


My Community

My community is a rather small one - just about every soul on our almost 8 Billion-person planet. But it is a growing community because the promise of my King is that the whole earth (not world) shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Lord as the waters cover the sea.


Join My Journey

I have known God a bit more than I did when I first got born-again. It isn't a whole lot, but I keep pushing the envelope seeking to know Him more and more. The Father has responded by granting me permission to access some classified files aka revelations from the scriptures. So, if you love to take a spin in the WORD, come ride with me on this journey of knowing our King, His Kingdom, His design, His interests and how you too can maximize your potential and position in the Kingdom.