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I write because it is fun. Writing enables me to unpack the complex mixture of spiritual, cultural, social, physical, environmental, psychological, and emotional concoction that describe my life's design. Writing allows me to language all these experiences for the nearly eight billion people on the planet in a very simple and easy to understand way, with the hope that they also will be able to unpack their design and own it.

I came to know the Lord by design; having become a full-time orphan at age 9. I had no one else to turn to but the Father for guidance and mentoring. I got born-again in 1973 after two years of intense rebellion against a perceived “God that stole my earthly father and best friend”. But the love of God melted away the bitterness and Jesus the Son saved my soul. The Holy Spirit then began a full-time job of babysitter, chaperone, instructor, director and teacher for me. I had since then been learning obedience and the ways, design, laws and nuances of this God and His Kingdom. 

Once in a while, the Teacher peels back the veil between my human soul and the Bible to

reveal secrets of God and behind the scene events of the spirit world. One of such intentional works of the Holy Spirit is this book titled “The Principles Behind the Miracles of the Lord Jesus"

So, the book is about our King - Jesus Christ who loved us and gave himself for us. But He did not just sacrifice Himself on the cross, during the three-and-a-half year period He wore the human flesh, He also modeled the invisible Father for us to see while coaching us on how to

exercise dominion over Satan and beat the devil and his minions at their game, on their turf, by another set of rules – The Kingdom rules. By these rules, He controlled the laws of nature to the benefit of the Kingdom. He DOMINATED time, space and matter – visible and invisible. He was unstoppable. The very innate thing we all yearn to be – unstoppable. So, if there are such rules,

then, can they be learned, mastered, used and reused?

Yes, those rules can be learned, mastered, used and reused because they are PRINCIPLES. But the King in all His glory and majesty has an unmet need, an overriding desire – He wants us (you and me) to reuse those principles like He used them and even reuse them BETTER and MORE than He did. But first of all, we gotta identify, know, and understand those principles before we can use and reuse them. Fair deal? That is what this book brings to the table and to your fingertips.

This book is about our Father, and how  Jesus our King relates with His subjects and even outsiders.

This book is about our Father, and how Jesus our King relates with His subjects and even outsiders.

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